Aseem Agarwala

Recent Projects


    Mirror Mirror: Crowdsourcing Better Portraits

    Exploratory font selection using crowdsourced attributes

    A similarity measure for illustration style

    Font recognition

    Selectively de-animating video

    Realistic image compositing

    Image-based remodeling

    Portrait selection from video

    Color compatibility from large datasets

    Subspace video stabilization

    Image warps for artistic perspective manipulation

    Computational rephotography

    Content-preserving warps for 3D video stabilization

    Content-preserving projections for wide-angle images

    Parallax photography

    Photo collection priors and what they reveal about cameras


    Motion deblurring

    Efficient gradient-domain compositing

    Using photographs to enhance video

    Multi-viewpoint panoramas

    Panoramic video textures

    Interactive digital photomontage

    Keyframe-based tracking for rotoscoping and animation

    Video matting of complex scenes


    Tangible interaction + graphical interpretation

    Volumetric surfaces

    The artificial artist

    Genetic sketching

    Interactive furniture design


    Conglomerate sculpture

    The infinite vehicle