Aseem Agarwala

I am a research scientist at Adobe, and an affiliate associate professor at the University of Washington's Computer Science & Engineering department, where I completed my Ph.D. in 2006; my advisor was David Salesin. My areas of research are computer graphics, computer vision, and computational imaging. Specifically, I research machine learning techniques that help us author more expressive imagery. I spent five years at Google focusing on automatic photography, and led the team that developed the AI behind Google Clips.

Before that I spent nine years after my Ph.D. at Adobe Research. I also spent three summers during my Ph.D. interning at Microsoft Research, and my time at UW was supported by a Microsoft fellowship. Before UW, I worked for two years as a research scientist at the legendary but now-bankrupt Starlab, a small research company in Belgium. I completed my Masters and Bachelors at MIT majoring in computer science; while there I was a research assistant in the Computer Graphics Group, and an intern at the Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory (MERL). As an undergraduate I did research at the MIT Media Lab.

I serve on the board of On The Boards, a Seattle contemporary performance art venue. I built two modern houses in Seattle, and documented the process in two blogs (completed in 2010 and 2019).