The Infinite Vehicle

An installation for the MIT Infinite Corridor, 77 Mass Avenue, Cambridge MA.

media: wood, paint, furniture casters

artists: Aseem Agarwala, Ophelia Rodriguez 

The Infinite Vehicle was installed in the MIT Infinite Corridor for five days during the Fall of 1997. The goal was to create a mobile social space for the extremely long and busy main corridor of MIT. The students of MIT traverse the corridor at great speed many times a day. We hoped to create a vehicle that would encourage students to stop and communicate with each other while still allowing them to traverse the corridor.

The vehicle consisted of a platform mounted on wheels. A black wall was situated in the middle of the platform with a hole carved out to allow communication between two riders. This created a moveable wall in the infinite corridor. The wheels were lose enough to allow riders to swing the vehicle around while mounted on it, or to push it along like a skateboard.

The installation was used and played with by a variety of bewildered MIT students during its five day tenure.