Accepted to NPAR 2002! View the paper.

SnakeToonz is an interactive system that allows children and others untrained in cel animation to create two-dimensional cartoons from video streams and images.  The ability to create cartoon animation has traditionally been limited to professional animation houses and trained artists.   SnakeToonz aims to give anyone with a video camera and a computer the ability to create compelling cartoon animation.  This is done by combining constraints of the cartooning medium with simple user input and analysis of that input.

A cartoon is created in a dialogue with the system.  After recording video material the user sketches contours directly onto the first frame of video.  These sketches initialize a set of spline-based active contours which are relaxed to best fit the image and other aesthetic constraints.  Small gaps are closed, and the user can choose colors for the cartoon.  The system then uses motion estimation techniques to track these contours through the image sequence.  The user
remains in the process to edit the cartoon as it progresses.

Please visit a gallery of animations, including the source video and the resultant cartoons.

Aseem Agarwala